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rodent-1Rats and Mice are more of a problem in the winter months when they come inside for the warmth and food. Drought times are also when you will see or hear them. Identification can be determined by their droppings. We just don’t come out and place bait in the roof.

Rats cause damage gnawing electrical cables, plastic, wood etc., (to keep their teeth down for them to feed), causing major expense and hazard to households. Many unexplained house fires are attributed to Rats and Mice.

Mice chew through dishwashing hoses, washing machine hoses, nest in machinery, motors often causing damage to wiring and causing expense to households and farms.

Baiting boxes are installed outside, around the perimeter of dwellings. Thus enticing them to come out to eat and look for water, less chance of them dying inside which causes unpleasant odour.

The bait boxes are lockable and tamperproof, and are children, dog and cat friendly. The bait boxes are used in public areas, schools, child care centres, commercial and domestic homes.

Infestations of Bed Bugs are becoming more frequent. Usually found in warm areas but can be easily transported i.e., cloths, back packs, suit cases, shoes etc.

Treatments may vary depending of the degree of infestation. See: Code Of Practice for the control of Bed Bug Infestation in Australia.

The products available in today’s market are more environmentally friendly than they were years ago. We use low odour products for sensitive areas.

Webbing spiders, ground spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas, lice and ants can be dealt with, with little inconvenience to the household. All care is taken.

Webbing spiders are mainly found on the outside of the house. The webbing can be removed by us with a broom approximately four (4) weeks after treatment, for a minimal cost.

Information: You can’t get to the yolk unless you break the shell. The same is with all insects, unless the shell is broken or damaged treatments will not penetrate the shell.

So if there is any eggs lying around once treatments have been carried out, we would have to come and retreat depending on the insects, and would explain the situation.

Warranty is given on all our work.

Pre-Construction (new buildings) Click here for Diagrams

We are fully accredited to supply & install products:

  • termitesHomeguard
  • Reticulation System
  • Soil Treatment

There are new products constantly evolving.

Various systems are available to suit most types of construction.

Homeguard is, plastic sheeting, chemical impregnated.
Reticulation System is, plastic tube that is placed around the perimeter or inside wall cavity, then pressurised with a chemical product.
Collars are, for plumbing and electrical pipes that are in ground contact and will suit many of these systems.


Post Construction (extensions – constructed buildings) Click here for Diagrams

Any of the above systems can be supplied and installed.

Soil Treatment is, in subfloors, under slabs and around building perimeters.

Sub Floor Ventilation – Controlling Termites, Mould and Moisture With Better Ventilation (Click here for Details)

Documentation paper work, sticker for electricity box is supplied on completion.

All quotes, proposals etc., are in writing prior to any work carried out.

Some photos of termite treatments are shown below. Our Inspection at your premises will determine the best solution for your house.

truckWe are asked this questions all the time WHY?

1. Do we have to have regular inspections.
2. What is the point to all of this.

3. What tools are used to detect Termites.

To make sure your house (dwellings) is not being attacked by Timber Pests.

What do we look for and comment on, for this inspection:

  • Termites
  • Borers
  • Wood Decay
  • Ventilation
  • Drainage
  • Water Leakage
  • Tools: “Tramex” Encounter Plus (Moisture Meter) & “Flir” E8 Thermal Imaging Camera

Why have this inspection carried out regularly:

Having Timber Pest Inspections carried out regularly (12 monthly) can alleviate costly repairs. If the house (dwelling) has got termites, is it better to find out sooner, rather than later.

timberRepair cost can run up to thousands of dollars. Protect your investment, it is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life time.

Timber Pest Inspections are carried out in accordance with the A.S. (Australian Standards) 3660 and 4349.

wasp-nestWasp (paper wasp), usually found under eaves, windows, doors etc.

waspEuropean Wasp (introduced species) found mainly in rockeries, brick walls, holes in the ground etc. One Wasp can give multiple stings, leaving a Pheromone trail for others to follow.


beeBees (we try and save them), but when they take up residence in dwellings, houses etc., then they become a problem. They can attract other insects, (ants) rats or mice.