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Stop infestations of spiders, termites, rodents, ants and more

The team at Aversatile Pest Control has an impressive track record in banishing insects and unwanted vermin once and for all. We use environmentally friendly products to ensure all pests are removed safely, without causing harm to you, your family or damaging your home.

If there’s a creepy crawly infesting your Southern Highlands house, don’t hesitate to contact us for affordable and fast removal of the pests.

Our service areas include Moss Vale, Bowral, Mittagong, Bundanoon and the Wombeyan Caves region.


Expert Pest Control in Moss Vale, Southern Highlands

Keep your home or workplace free of vermin the easy and affordable way with Aversatile Pest Control. Servicing all areas of the Southern Highlands—including Moss Vale, Bowral, Mittagong and surrounds—our fully licensed and insured pest control experts cater to residential and commercial clients alike.

Our pest management solutions ensure your property remains free of infestation. Whether you’re struggling with rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants, or spiders, we have the interior and exterior treatments needed to control them once and for all.

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Rodents—Rats & Mice

You may notice rats and mice are more prevalent in winter when they venture inside for food and warmth. If you notice scratching noises from the roof or walls, or droppings on the floor, it’s a good chance you’ve been invaded by rodents. Rodent control is a high priority as they cause contamination, spread disease, inflict property damage and contribute to house fires. Rats, in particular, chew through electrical cables and furniture; while mice nest in machinery, causing faults and damage. We install bait boxes outside your home’s perimeter to coax the rodents into finding food and water. The bait boxes are lockable, tamperproof and children, dog and cat friendly. At Aversatile Pest Control, we use five effective methods to control rodents:

Bed Bugs

Found in warmer climates and areas of your home—mostly in couches, mattresses, curtains and sheets—bed bugs thrive on human environments. More often than not, bed bugs are introduced to homes through travel and transportation on clothes, backpacks, suitcases and shoes.
Although their bites are not painful, they still cause allergic reactions as well as redness, itchiness and swelling. The best way to control bed bugs is to contact the pest control team at Aversatile Pest Control today.

Wasps, European Wasps & Bees

Wasp stings can be a painful experience and often life threatening for those who are allergic. It’s best to contact the Aversatile Pest Control team to remove any wasp nests found in buildings or gardens. Handling the situation yourself may result in the wasps becoming more aggressive.
European wasps are an introduced species to Australia. They are mostly found in rockeries, brick walls and holes in the ground. One wasp can sting multiple times leaving a pheromone trail for others to follow.
Bees are an integral part of the environment. They assist in pollination, fertilisation and growth of plants and crops. However, bees become an immediate pest when they infest your home and can attract vermin such as rats or mice. Our team can relocate the bee hive away from your property or eradicate the threat if it’s out of control.


These vermin are grouped together as they can be dealt with in an efficient and immediate fashion. If you spot any eggs or creepy crawlies around your home, best phone our expert team.

Termite Prevention

Termites are a reoccurring issue for Southern Highland homes. There are two ways to effectively control termites—either control the active swarm or keep them away from the property using barrier systems. Termites can inflict major structural damage to your home. We recommend having an annual inspection to ensure there are effective control measures in place to protect your property.
We are fully accredited to supply and install these preventative products:

Timber Pest Inspections

If you notice quiet clicking sounds from the walls, the presence of white ants, hollow-sounding timber or tight-fitting doors, then you might have termites in your home. However, before you notice the signs, it’s best to arrange an inspection to avoid infestation. What is a timber pest inspection?
We provide an accurate snapshot of your property’s termite exposure and damage status. These results formulate a management and treatment plan. Using a Tramex Encounter Plus moisture meter and Flir E8 thermal imaging camera, we’re able to assess the internal and external termite-friendly areas of your property. Timber pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards 2660 and 4349.
In the inspection, we look for instances of: